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Dear Visitor,

   Welcome to our site. Brainart is dedicated to providing excelent SAP BC consulting, education lot of IT area and develop special applications since 2001. Our main task is ERP systems mostly SAP. SAP BC consulting include sizing, implementing, maintenance these systems. Our references and more then ten year IT practice guarantee the high level, quick and precision work for customers. Teams maximal competence have make with continuous professional education.    We use small, professional project teams for cost-based optimized work. This team members one by one is masters of area of specialty Please see project on right side box. Complementary businesses are small web page desing or special applications like (complete ISO9001:2000 web system) or (Lotus Notes developing). Our supported platforms, if possible we prefer the cost-based optimized free platforms. For information about BrainArt and how we may be able to help you please use our contact form


ERP systems

   Our Company main profile is the SAP BC consulting, and SAP systems everyday maintenance. Expert counseling SAP implementation, upgrade and performance optimization projects. We should make up-to-date, to our knowledge from all (SAP solutions). We have everyday operational experience for these SAP systems and database applications:


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